Connor Dela-Cruz


Connor spent most of his life in the Ogden Area of Northern Utah. He learned to speak fluent Spanish after serving as a volunteer service representative for two years in Paraguay from 2015-2017, studying abroad in Costa Rica in 2018, and studying Spanish at Weber State University. In December 2020 he earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with an emphasis in American Government Brigham Young University - Idaho. 


In early 2020 Connor worked as an intern at Targhee Law in Rexburg, Idaho. As an intern he aided in drafting and revising contracts for local businesses. Connor has aspirations of attending law school in the near future and eventually practice law himself. He is currently taking advantage of his time at Wilkerson Law Group to be exposed to a wide range of practice areas and to learn from the attorneys. In addition to paralegal work, he also manages marketing and branding for the firm.

In his free time, Connor loves to go on adventures with his wife whether that is exploring the outdoors or trying a new hobby. Connor is also a musician and enjoys playing, writing, and listening to music.