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Rob Hickman


Rob brings to the practice of law a work history chock full of valuable experiences with people of many different ethnicities and backgrounds. Among other jobs, his previous employment includes husbandry work at a public aquarium, instructing at and managing a martial arts school, and landscaping. Eventually, he discovered that a law career fits him well because his interests are so wide-ranging.


Within the legal realm, Rob negotiated contracts and licensing for the office of technology transfer at the West Virginia University Research Corporation. He also assisted in immigration case work for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (which helps him better understand and connect with his Brazilian-born wife). He enjoyed completing a voluntary property title search course during his time in West Virginia and plans to be certified for such work in Wyoming.


Rob is very much a family man and will tell you that he is most proud of his wife and kids. He loves spending time with them, especially in the great outdoors of the national parks, monuments, and battlefields. With numerous opportunities to be outside, he is thrilled to be in the Mountain West and surrounded by such neighborly people. Whatever your legal issue, he is ready to give you his best in pursuit of the goal you are looking for.