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Business Law

Business Law

Business Law
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We provide consulting and litigation services for medium and large businesses.  Our firm has multiple offices covering three states with adequate resources and a top tier approach to our representation. 

We can help advise you in all kinds of areas of law that you've never thought of or that you're unsure about:

  • Creation of a business and understanding the different operating and tax implications of a partnership, an LLC, and a corporation

  • Proper State and Federal Filings or Labor Laws

  • Hiring and firing employees (what is an employment contract?  when can you be at risk?  what should you consider?)

  • Discrimination Laws

  • Health & Liability Insurance and Worker's Compensation

  • Understanding the Family Medical Leave Act

  • What to do when your customers won't pay you

  • Zoning & Land Use

Running a business can be complicated, especially when it comes to legal matters. Hiring proficient legal counsel is advisable to help grow your business, protect your interests, and avoid problematic situations. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and receive essential legal advice for running your business successfully.