Avoid Online Legal Forms

Updated: Apr 28

In today’s world, there is a strong push for learning to do things by and for yourself. This is helpful to save money and helps you gain more confidence in your independence. Regarding law, it is not something you should choose to be doing on your own. There are many legal forms where they promote the do it yourself attitude but if you prefer to save money in the long run, do not use these sites.

- Not substitutes for Lawyers.

- Not always updated when states change their laws

- Does not clarify or go in depth about all laws

- Not acting as your Attorney

- Does not review if you have legal sufficiency, draw legal conclusions or provide legal advice or apply the law to your situation.

- Not guaranteed information to be correct

You will not see the risks and damages of doing it yourself, especially with Estate Planning. The flaws in the legal documents will not come to light until you have passed away or have become incapacitated. Those who have the responsibility to correct the mistakes are the ones who were meant to be protected in your documents. This furthers the argument that most documents which come from Legal form websites are ineffective and become costly mistakes where you thought you were going to be saving money.

It is a simple truth that small errors will have large consequences on you, your family or your business.

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