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Slip and Fall Accidents

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

If you have had a bad slip and fall then you know how life can be interrupted by the pain. Sometimes the best option is not to wait it out but to go see a doctor. Then, it might be a good idea to consider consulting with a Personal Injury attorney. The purpose of this visit is to see if you can receive any compensation, have your treatment covered and if you have other avenues available to you.

The first steps you should take once you have a slip and fall, you should seek medical attention. You will also need to notify the property owner by reporting the accident, make sure you do not sign anything. This signature can be used against you and prevent you from receiving any legal damages. Taking pictures of your injuries and the environment which led to the hazard is very important. If you can, gather information from witnesses, get the property insurance information and get the contact information of the property owner. Hire an attorney so they will be able to take over and handle all contact from then on. This will ensure that you do not duped by their insurance company and you will have a guide through the claims process. Your attorney should help you with keeping all records and files of your medical bills, injuries, and other expenses. Lastly, make sure that you avoid posting on social media about the slip and fall, insurance companies could use any information against you.

Locations do matter when you fall. If you happen to fall on your own property, unfortunately there is not much an attorney can do for you. Falling at a business or at a rented property has potential for a possible personal injury claim. Falling on public property is harder to file a claim but reach out to an attorney to see if there is potential for you to have a case. Businesses have the duty to make sure they have a safe environment for patrons, warn of hazards and fix the hazards. Landlords or owners of a property have the duty to make sure the living space and repairs that they are responsible for are taken care of. This mainly depends on your lease agreement, but things such as broken railings, loose carpet or even poor lighting can impact the possibility of a claim.

Most Personal Injury attorney work on contingency fees. This mean whatever the overall damages are awarded to you, a percent will be given to your attorney to cover their fees. Our lawyers at Wilkerson Law Group are experienced with Personal Injury cases and will help you reach a higher outcome than if you had not hired an attorney. Message us if you have any questions for our team.

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