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What to Know About Divorce

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Divorce leads to many questions. Beginning the process can be confusing and unpredictable. We hope we can give you some ideas about how to approach this difficult decision.


Having children makes divorce even more emotional. Your focus should be about putting their well-being above anything else. Avoid doing anything out of spite. DO NOT USE YOUR CHILDREN AS LEVERAGE, and encourage your children to have a great relationship with your spouse.


It may be tempting to do the divorce paperwork on your own but strongly consider hiring an attorney to represent you and your interests. Do not just hire any attorney. Ask a lot of questions and make sure your attorney’s attitude and demeanor match the professionalism you want in your case.


Have a clear and clean accounting of your financials. Divorce can get dirty and it is better to have a record of everything. This means you should make copies of all your financial documents, even ones which feel obscure and unimportant.


Go over your expenses and see which ones are necessities and which are not. You will need to determine the family expenses and what will be necessary for yourself after the divorce is over. Prepare to make the necessary adjustments.


Do not make any decisions, especially financial, based on your emotions. This specifically applies to decisions about your children. This is the time to be wise with your money. Do not make rash decisions such as moving four states away. Consult with your attorney before you move anywhere.

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